Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cat playing ipad game

Free therapy is one of the benefits of owing a cat. There are many other benefits to owning a cat including the undivided love and attention that a cat provides to its owners and carers, the warmth and love that a cat offers and the fun bundle that it is also. The therapeutic qualities of the cat include lowering the blood pressure of people that own cats and pet them on a regular basis, increase of Seretonin that is the feel good drug in the body and many other stress reducing qualities. In addition cats are considered in many cultures are lucky charms, having a cat close by can be very lucky for the owner – it is of course not a replacement for effort but it can help the effort made. One way to make use of the cat and also enjoy oneself is to have a cat close by or on a lap when playing online casino games. Playing online casino games can often be very stressful and the action of petting the cat can in fact reduce that stress together with increasing the feel good feeling of the player. And in some cases the cat can also be a lucky charm for the online casino players.
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