Thursday, November 7, 2013

Giraffe Maze And Giraffe Artwork

maze giraffe
Maze of a Giraffe - Maze Solution here
You’ve seen them everywhere and you have started to wonder why everyone you giraffe drawingknow has a giraffe as her profile pic. Yeah, giraffes are sort of cute and they are exotic, but isn’t your kid cuter and isn’t your meal yesterday more exotic? So you started to do a bit of research and now you understand what it going on. There is a riddle that has been going around Facebook and people are playing this social media game with each other. The way that it works is that your friend sends you the riddle. You think about it and offer an answer through email. If your answer is correct then you can keep that cute avatar that you have for your profile pic and laugh at everyone who has a giraffe. If your answer is wrong, however, then it’s time to be the one laughed at. You need to put up a giraffe profile pic for three days. And if you want to find great free giraffe pictures you can get them with THIS link. And once you’ve had your giraffe up there for three days, you can go back to your favorite avatar. It’s a fun game and one that allows you to feel like you’re part of something bigger than you are. Join in the fun and get started today.
licking giraffe

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