Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lion in the shade

op art of lion
There are many great emotional benefits of having household pets such as cats and pets in your home. Because they tend to lower the stress and anxiety levels of their owners, such as after a long day at work or during activities that may raise the owner’s blood pressure such as playing casino games at the online casino, it is always a great idea to have a dog or a cat around to pet and stroke. Some people however may live in an apartment that is too small to handle a pet or pets may not be allowed. A great idea to benefit from the therapeutic advantages that cats, dogs and even larger animals such as horses provide is to regularly spend time at a local animal shelter. Many shelters are happy for pet lovers to spend a few hours playing with the animals and even taking them for a walk. Even just spending an hour a week at a shelter will enrich your life and it will also be a great help to the animal shelter who are often low on resources and manpower. Both people who are knowledgeable about animals as well as those who go having no prior knowledge can learn so much by being around animals. Many pets in the rescue shelters are desperate for human contact and affection and both the animal and the volunteer will come away feeling enriched by this experience.

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