Monday, April 22, 2013

Visual Optical Illusion Op Art of Tiger

Do you know what dopamine is? It’s a chemical in your body that can raise and lower depending on what you’re doing and how excited you feel. If you finish a long race, go on a rollarcoaster or play awesome online casino games, you’ll see your dopamine and serotonin levels go up. This creates the feeling of excitement that you have when you do something that creates energy and anticipation and it’s the reason that so many people love playing online casino games. Playing games actually causes both highs and lows in these levels, since you get a high when you anticipate the end of the game and wait to see if you’ve won; then you will feel a low if you lost and before you start the next game. Interestingly, if you are someone who has cats in the house and loves your cats, the cats actually regulate these levels. They tend to sooth people and to make a calming effect on the cat owner. For this reason, it’s interesting to think of playing online casino games, which create swings in these levels, while petting and enjoying your cat. Your cat regulates the levels, while the exciting games create the swings in the levels. Next time that you have some free time, consider enjoying online casino games while petting your cat and get ready to feel these interesting swings and the calming effect that the cats create.

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